1.     About Cornwall Living Giveaway

1.1.    Cornwall Living Giveaway was created to offer Cornwall enthusiasts an opportunity to enter a skill based competition to win an experience of Cornwall.

1.2.    Registered address: 64 Coronation Road, Downend, Bristol, BS16 5SL


2.     The competition

2.1.    The competition is open to all those that live in the UK and are aged 18 years and over, this excludes Engine House Media Ltd and Leven Media Group Ltd employees, their family members or anyone that is connected with the running of the competition. You must also be located in the UK when you enter to successfully complete your entry.


2.2.    The prize will be defined on either the Cornwall Living Facebook page or website and will be solely allocated to one competition however Cornwall Living Giveaway may run multiple competitions with different prizes at any time.


2.3.    To enter the competition you are accepting and agree to be bound by these terms and conditions.


2.4.    To enter you must take part in our skill based challenge. In answering the question, you recognise that you must exercise skill, knowledge and judgement to give the correct answer along with the necessary payment for a given competition (you can also enter the competition via the free entry route described in section 2.12.). Failure to answer the question correctly, will still result in any entrant being charged but unfortunately not be entered into the competition. 


2.5.    When entering the competition, you must submit contact details as requested (which must include but not limited to, a valid e-mail address and phone number) which will be used for the following purposes:

–          To make you aware if you are the winner of the competition

–          Comply with our privacy policy

–          Post the winners name and town of residence

–          Ensure validity of entrants


2.6.    In entering the competition, you are solely responsible for providing and maintaining Cornwall Living Giveaway with your correct contact details and will in no way be liable for any failure or inability to make contact with you due to any errors or inaccuracies in the contact details provided


2.7.    The competition will close within 35 days from the onset of the competition. Full details of date and time of the draw will be presented on both Facebook and the website within 48 hours of the close of the competition


2.8.    Cornwall Living Giveaway will make contact with the winner via email within 24 hours of the competition closure and prize draw


2.9.    If we can’t contact you within 30 days of the competition closing you will unfortunately have lost your prize. Mitigating circumstances will always be considered however in the interest of fairness another draw will take place. If you lose your prize no alternative will be offered


2.10.If all tickets are not sold for a given competition within a 35 day period, Cornwall Living Giveaway will either run the prize draw and give out the prize to the winner or refund all entrants into the competition.   


2.11.If your entry is not made within the allocated time (from competition opening to closure) you will not be entered into the competition and no refund will be given


2.12. If you wish to enter any of our competitions via the free route please send your submission in block capitals in an enclosed envelope via First Class post to Cornwall Living, The Net Loft, The Moors, Porthleven, Cornwall, TR26 1AS stating which competition you would like to take part in, the answer to the specific competition question, along with your contact details as below:

–          Full Name;

–          Date of Birth;

–          Email address;

–          Contact number;

–          UK postal address.

Free entries will be dealt with in the same manner as paid entries bound by the same Tc&Cs outlined here apply with the exception that entries are limited to one entry per postal entry received. Submissions received failing to meet the above criteria will be invalid


2.13.The winning entrant will be selected using Google random number selector


2.14.There will be one winner per competition unless otherwise stated from the onset of the competition opening


2.15.Cornwall Living Giveaway’s decision on the winner is final, no engagement with that decision will be entered into


2.16.Each Entrant agrees that the usual requirement under the Consumer Protection (Distance Selling) Regulations 2000 for any goods and services ordered online to be supplied within 30 days will not apply to this prize competition.


2.17.We may change these Tc&Cs if required to ensure fairness for customers and continuity for Cornwall Living Giveaway but will not do so within a specific competition period. The copy on our website and hopefully the one you are reading represents the up to date and valid version


2.18.Cornwall Living Giveaway do not guarantee the value of the prize and although all efforts will be made to highlight features and condition through photos and descriptions it is the responsibility of the entrant to satisfy themselves of what they are entering the competition to win


2.19.Cornwall Living Giveaway owns the prize until the handover to the lucky winner at which time ownership will move to the winner. Cornwall Living Giveaway do not accept any direct warranty claims although should the prize still be under manufactures warranty you are welcome to address with the manufacturer


3.     General

3.1.    The content of the website and Social Meida is intended to offer details, timings and information regarding the competition but intended to be used as advice 


3.2.    We will make all efforts to ensure our website and Social Media is up to date however can’t guarantee it will be


3.3.    While Cornwall living Giveaway love to help we will not be held liable to you for any losses, damages, negligence, wrongful acts, infringement of your rights, or otherwise, even if they can be predicted in advance, when connected with the entering this competition


3.4.    We reserve the right to refuse or disqualify any entrant if it has reasonable grounds for believing that they have contravened any of these terms and conditions or acted in a way that is reasonably considered by us to be illegal


3.5.    By entering the competition you accept that Cornwall Living Giveaway administration and all associated activities are governed by English Law and recognise that the County or High Courts of England shall have exclusive jurisdiction in the event of any dispute arising out of the competition or its administration


3.6.    You must ensure as a condition of entering the competition that by doing so you do not contravene any laws of your country of residence as Cornwall Living Giveaway will not be liable in any way if you enter the competition unlawfully


3.7.    Cornwall Living Giveaway reserves the right to refuse or disqualify any entrant that it believes has contravened any of these terms and conditions or acted in a way that is reasonably considered by the Cornwall Living Giveaway to be illegal.


4.     Payments

4.1.    The cost of playing is based on the number of tickets you buy and the price per ticket for a given competition


4.2.    Tickets will not be valid without payment in pounds sterling (£) including VAT


4.3.    Refunds will not be given unless exceptional circumstances are presented and agreed to by Cornwall Living Giveaway


4.4.    Payments are made through our secure website  


4.5.    Only entries with the correct answer will be entered into the competition and failure to answer the question correctly will still result in the entrant being charged 


5.     Marketing and privacy policy

5.1.    Should you win (and somebody will do) your name, location and images of you with your prize may be used by Cornwall Living Giveaway in marketing materials to promote the competitions


5.2.    The Entrants and Cornwall Living Giveaway recognise that the use of contact details and other data including personal data as defined by the Data Protection Act 1998 supplied by the Entrants to the Promoter to administer the Website and conduct the Competition according to these Terms and Conditions


5.3.    The Entrants and Cornwall Living Giveaway recognise that (either by choice or at the request of a third party) information may be disclosed to relevant third parties for the purposes of the prevention of fraud, money laundering, legal or other financial or regulatory reasons


6.     Delivery

6.1.    Cornwall Living Giveaway are unable to deliver any prize outside of mainland UK


6.2.    Cornwall living Giveaway will deliver your prize to any mainland location in the UK within 21 days of the live draw. Delivery will be sent though signed for postage to the address given through entry to the competition. Although all attempts will be made to work around individual availability to receive the prize it is the responsibility of the prize winner to arrange re delivery or collection following a failed delivery to the address given.

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